Great Work!

Aaron was great . Easy communication and great work! Highly recommend for your everyday projects. -Ryan S.

Great Work and Great Worker

Aaron arrived promptly as promised. Completely equipped. Courteous. Excellent work. Took longer than he anticipated but he stuck to his bid and refused additional payment. He is returning to complete more work. I will call him again. -Julianne D. 

Excellent Service

On time. Went above and beyond in getting the work done and even extra work when I asked for it. I would certainly use Aaron again. Superb service. -Caroline M. 

Definately Five Stars

Prompt, polite, perfectionist. Reasonable pricing. Sellar service. -Patricia P.

Wow... Can't Say Enough About Aaron's Services!

 Wow...can't say enough about Aaron!  Quick response, excellent  communication, quick and flexible scheduling, and so very willing to  help.  He aims to please, and his priority is to do the job well. Very  reasonably priced (he hauled away several heavy items for me, and hung a  picture over an open stairway).  AND he is very kind!  I will  definitely call him again when need be, and to possibly do some actual  handyman/fix-it projects in the spring.  Well played Aaron! -Andrea P.                                         

Prompt and Professional

 Aaron will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Very fair and honest. -Michael K.

Additonal Testimonials

Happy in Benson

 Aaron Gilson was awesome 5 star for sure.
He did even more than he had to by cleaning off my roof and fixing one of the vents.
Professional, prompt and very nice. Thanks. -Patricia B. 

A Reasonable Price and a Job Well Done

Very prompt and a reasonable price with a job well done. Would  definitely recommend and I will be using Aaron of ACG Handyman Services again.  -Tom G.

Awesome, awesome, awesome

Hired ACG to clean my gutters.  Actually, I had already cleaned them, but  had a totally plugged-up downspout that I couldn't reach.

ACG not only unplugged the downspout, but purchased, painted and  replaced the rusted-out elbow joint.  He insisted on only charging me  the original agreed-upon price!  I told him that the price was for  cleaning/unplugging, NOT repairing.  I paid him extra, but not because  he charged me extra.  The guy is awesome.

Will use him again for other projects I can't/don't wanna do. -G.H.


 Aaron was amazing!
Communication = Five Stars
Politeness= Five Stars
Readiness ( asked me exactly what I needed and came prepared) = Five Stars
Work Ethic = Five Stars
Overall Aaron was perfect! I wouldn't change anything about this  service! And will be only using him for anything I need moved from now  on!  -Anyala J.

Friendly, Efficient Service

 Aaron arrived on time, communiated effectively, fixed the problem, and charged a fair fee. Exellent service.  -Ken K.

ACG Is the Handyman to Choose!

 Without hesitation, I would recommend ACG to complete a job. He does  high quality work at an affordable price.  I was impressed with his  knowledge and attention to detail when installing a storm door for me. I  will be hiring him again for all of my future handyman jobs. -Katrina P.

More Testimonials


 Aaron was on time, and did an excellent job.  I would definitely use him for other projects. -Jerry Y.


 Professional, ontime, would definitely hire again. -Armondo C.

Very Happy

 On time and very helpful. Made sure I was happy before leaving. -Randy W.

Need a trusted handyman? Call ACG Handyman Services!

We donated a 55 inch projection tv and needed it moved.  Aaron and his  friend moved the tv and delivered it safely. He even texted me a picture  of it in its new home!  They were polite, honest and trustworthy.  I  would recommend this business and would use them again. He is now a  trusted contact in my phone. -Pat O.

An absolute SOLID 6-STAR performance! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Folks, there are professionals, and then there are professionals.  If I  could give Aaron 6-stars here on Thumbtack I totally would have.  Aaron  deserved nothing short of a total 6-star rating.   Aaron is the kind of  professional you want to hire, invite to your home, and trust him  completely for the job.  Aaron was fair, an excellent communicator, and a  detailed perfectionist.

Here's a bit of the whole story:

Aaron was naturally very good at what he does--there's absolutely no  doubt of that--but what made him stood out?  It was his dedication to  performance, to achieve a perfect outcome, to see the results of his  work.  Aaron is a perfectionist!  An absolutely awesome perfectionist!    See, the job we hired him to do turned out to be a lot more complicated  than we had originally thought--our old house was wonky and uneven,  weirdly angled, and all sorts of messed up--so it was on us (the  homeowners) that the job was a lot more than originally proposed.  We  even felt bad.   But Aaron took the time to precisely handcraft the  Baseboards to a precise, detailed fit, perfect fit.  Why was that so  impressive?  Because he didn't have to--you see, the homeowners gave up  first and was willing to accept a "good enough" end-result because the  house was so wonky.  But guess what?  Aaron continued to perfect it  until it was just fabulously perfect!   You see, Aaron could have walked  away with a 5-star job, right?  But he didn't.  He was so set on  getting everything perfect.  

Folks, this the kind of professional you really want to hire.  I am sure  you can find many 5-star professionals out there (and sure, there are  many of them out there)  But you won't easily come across many 6-star  perfectionists out there.   Furthermore,

Communications - EXCELLENT.  Aaron kept us appraised of status, plan,  time, and so on every step of the way.  Everything was well planned in  terms of time and progress.  Wow!

Fairness - EXCELLENT.  Aaron gave a more than fair quote and we felt bad  in the end because the job turned out a lot more complicated than we  thought.  But you see, Aaron wasn't going after the money, instead, he  really just wanted to get the job done perfectly and done beautifully.   Rarely these days do you find someone who just wants to do a perfect job  and not doing it for the money.  So, Wow!  

Past Reviews - all perfect scores!  When we saw the initial bid coming  across we saw Aaron had perfect score (all 5 stars) from those other  homeowners.  We thought, well, all those other people must knew  something so we hired Aaron too--and now we know why everyone else all  gave him 5-star rave reviews!

Aaron cleaned up after himself, he did the job well, he was on-time each  time, he was respectful of the home, respectful of the time, and he  worked well with flexibility, and much more.  Again, he is definitely  someone you can (and should) trust.  We were 100% satisfied and  we are  100% going to ask for him again for all future jobs.    

In short and in conclusion:  The best nutshell I can put in the review  here is that 1) you won't easily come across another 6-star professional  who goes ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure everything is as perfect as they  can be, 2) you won't easily come across someone you can totally trust  these days who treats your home like his own.   Aaron is someone you  should hire.

Take my words, folks, we highly recommend Aaron, we would give him 6 stars and give our 120% confidence in him.  Trust us!!  

Professional, courteous, respectful, dedicated, perfectionist, punctual, and very friendly!!

I will put some photos here with the review.  The photos do not do  justice to the amount of detailed, hand-craft work that was put in.   Keep in mind the entire house drywall was all angled weird and wrong,  yet the finished baseboard looked perfect.  I just want to share with  you how much detailed work was put in and how much energy was spent on  perfecting these corners.  Again, it may look easy but it was very, very  difficult. -Charles H.                                                                   

Very professional with quality work performed

Aaron was able to work around my schedule and did a great job completing the work requested. He was also friendly and helpful regarding answering a few questions about other services items around the house. Cody P.